Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Betace's High

Starting this Friday and running throughout the month of February, I will be doing a weekly residency at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan. Which is apparently a scene of some sort, according to this Sunday's NY Times article. While Q-Tip throws down in the basement, I'll be up in the spacious lobby from 8pm to midnight. The best part of the night? I'll be playing four hours' worth of old-school country, redneck funk, and bootcut soul! Expect to hear lots of Willie and Waylon, along with lasses like Jessi Colter, Terri Gibbs and Dolly Parton, not to mention dudes like Steve Young, Travis Wammack, Gene Clark, Joe Tex, Jerry Lee Lewis, Gary Stewart, and Billy Joe Shaver, to name but a few. Put some scoot in your boots and tears in your beers!