Thursday, February 26, 2009


For those of you who have never seen me in action, it's sorta like this, though I rock tighty-whities.

Last week's set with Dave was pretty telepathic. Hadn't really let on to him that after ingesting a few of "Willie's brownies" I had decided that everything would sound groovier at the wrong speed, slooowing down everything from this Studio remix by Todd Terje as well as Con-Funk-Shun's ludicrous "Ms. Got the Body." Dave seemingly anticipated this with this Tom Tom Club b-side "Spooks" and the weirdest Whodini song I never heard. And even when I tried sneaking in a mini hip-hop curveball by him (Young Jeezy, Fat Boys, Method 'Tical' Man) he just dropped more Mobb Deep.

Anyhow, late notice, but I'm playing records with my friend Gerald at Stanton Public (17 Stanton @ Chrystie) tonight, downing cask beers no doubt. I won't be cutting up the coda of "Hey Jude," but as I can sneak in a few CDs, I will no doubt drop this super-long track.