Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Was so busy crating every last $1 record I had accrued over the last few months (Foxy! Universal Robot Band! Carrie Lucas! BB and Q Band! Mtume!) that I forgot to say anything about it over here. Oopsy.

What you missed: a fine outing by myself and pal Eric; being surrounded by pals; a R.I.P. set featuring Delaney Bramlett, The Cramps, and John Martyn (this edit of a live track of his getting at least four people asking if it was the raddest U2 song ever); a white fur clad girl who randomly fed me beef jerky like communion; this sweet transition from New Order "The Beach" into Donna Summer "Our Love" into Lime's "On the Grid" (though we dropped the dub); and then us dancing to this monster boogie jam. Weeee...