Tuesday, November 04, 2008

beLA 2

Recounting my story of that epic Halloween traffic jam to LAXers past and present elicits only a "meh" response.
But when I mention that it rained while I was in LA, they go "Holy shit! It rained?!!"

Traffic jam jams:

Animal Collective: "My Girls" "For Rev. Green" "Summertime Clothes" "Grass" "Brother Sport"
Gloria Taylor: random mp3s courtesy of Dave
Everly Brothers: Stories We Could Tell
Arthur Russell: "Habit of You"
Al Green: "Georgia Boy"
La Dusseldorf: "Cha Cha 2000"
Grace Jones: "La Vie en Rose"
Boney M: "Dancing in the Streets"
Tim Buckley: Happy Sad
The Millennium: Begin
Fleetwood Mac: "You Make Lovin' Fun"
Joni Mitchell: "Conversation"
Studio: "Life's a Beach"
Nilsson: "Drivin' Along"
Judee Sill: "The Kiss"
Yaz: "Situation" (US 12" mix)

Jams to be jammed:

Bill Withers: Still Bill
Musique: Keep on Jumpin'
France Joli: "Come to Me"
Jessi Colter: I'm Jessi Colter, Mirriam
Carrie Lucas: "Dance With You"
Freddy Fender: Are You Ready for Freddy?
Elizabeth Barraclough: Hi
Claire: "High on Love"
Travis Wammack: s/t
Ennio Morricone: Exorcist II The Heretic OST
Taana Gardner: "Heartbeat"
Joe Tex: Bumps & Bruises, I Gotcha
Sylvester: Stars, M-1015
Chicago: "Street Player"
Bohannon: "Cut Loose"
Isley Brothers: "Rockin' With Fire"
Alisha: "All Night Passion"