Thursday, July 31, 2008


Where I go, Dennis Wilson goes too. I have heard his lone album Pacific Ocean Blue at all my frequent haunts: Academy Records, Daddy's Bar, DFA offices, Other Music. Complementing that, I have also watched his single turn as an actor, in Two Lane Blacktop, three times this year alone.

Each and every time back through TLB, I'm amazed at how much weirder and deeper and more inscrutable it grows with every screening. Seriously, how inscrutable is Warren Oates in this film? Why does he have a different pullover sweater on in every scene? Why does he sip from that Coca-Cola bottle and then put it back into the slot twice? Is he really that much of a pathological liar? Where did he get such groovy 8-tracks?

Which is to say that you can read my thoughts on both works over at The Fanzine, who recently posted "Holy Man," my essay on the man.