Saturday, February 13, 2010

DMCA beta

"Was it something I said?"

For some reason, a warning appeared in my email that a two year-old beta blog post had "offending content" and was promptly removed from the web. Still can't figure out what the problem is, but I hope it's this quote from an interview with Miles Davis from 1968, which remains my favorite film criticism ever:
I have a funny feeling all day after I've seen a movie with the same white problems. You know, full of girls with long hair and where everybody's having a lot of have white people dancing and having a good time, and they don't show any Negroes or what negro feelings are, or any Chinese people, just white girls dancing, with their hair going and going...I figure if the white people keep on showing us their problems on television like they're doing, then we will be able to tell their problems by their facial expressions pretty soon, 'cause they're running out.
And figure I should follow it up with a quote from painter David Hockney, also about the movies (though perhaps less offensive?):
The idea that outer space is over there and we're not part of it is silly. We're already journeying throughout the universe. It's like how I can never get into space movies, because they always seem to me to be about transport and nothing else.