Thursday, January 07, 2010

P(B)&J Ballot for 2009

Didn't there used to be automated emails sending your Pazz & Jop ballot back your way? Which was helpful, as I almost instantly forget what my list is, infusing it with "Oh shit! I forgot to mention that track!" outbursts right after I click 'Submit.' Anyway, here's what made it, and what I loved/ played to death but didn't place...

2009 ALBUMS:

1. Animal Collective/ Merriweather Post Pavilion/ Domino
2. Meanderthals/ Desire Lines/ Smalltown Supersound
3. Mulatu Astatke & the Heliocentrics/ Inspiration Information/ Strut
4. Dr. Dunks a/k/a Eric Duncan/ How We Do in NYC/ aNYthing
5. Dirty Projectors/ Bitte Orca/ Domino
6. James Blackshaw/ The Glass Bead Game/ Young God
7. Fever Ray/ Fever Ray/ Mute
8. Ernst Reijseger/ Tell Me Anything/ Winter & Winter
9. Phoenix/ Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix/ Glass Note
10. Death/...For the Whole World to See/ Drag City


1. Animal Collective, "My Girls"
2. House of House, "Rushing to Paradise (Walkin' These Streets)"
3. Culoe de Song, "The Bright Forest"
4. DJ Kaos, "Love the Night Away (Tiedye Mix)"
5. Dirty Projectors, "Stillness Is the Move"
6. Walter Jones, "I'll Keep on Loving You"
7. Horse Meat Disco, "Eyeko Syko"
8. Jenny Wilson, "The Wooden Chair (Peter Visti Mix)"
9. Song of Sound, "Life Under Bridges"
10. Mendes &Alcada, "Coaster (Idjust Boys Version 2)"


Group Bombino "Boghassa"; Linkwood Family: "Piece of Mind"; Junkie XL "Cosmic Rave"; Still Going "Untitled Love"; Permanent Vacation "Zucker Hut"; Prins Thomas "Mammut"; Jackpot "Brief Encounter"; Ray Mang "Tattoo Me"; C.O.M.B.I. "P.G.B."; Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas "Tirsdagsjam"; Moxie "Moxie Heart MJ"; The Sexican "Liza"; Capracara "King of the Witches (Rub-n-Tug mix)"; Gerrie van Noord "White Room (BB edit)"; A Mountain of One "Bones (Thomas' Way of the Ancients mix)"; Sandra Nnaké "La Mauvaise Réputation (Blackjoy Instrumental Mix)"; Noir Desir "Le Vent Nous Portera (Rubber Room Rerub)"; Beautiful Swimmers "O Yea"; Soft Rocks "Back to My Roots"; Abel "Round in Circles"