Tuesday, September 15, 2009

betATP 3

Fun games we played while at Kutsher's Country Club for ATP:
  • Watch Nick Cave Engaged in Normal Activity: eat breakfast, play arcade games, munch snack from vending machine, etc.
  • Did I Flush This Toilet? Or is the water always this yellow and cloudy?
  • David Cross Dance-Off: Deluxe "My Girls" Version: not to be confused with David Cross: Make Me Laugh game
  • Louder Than Loveless: this year's winner was Black Dice
  • Men's Bathroom Barf-Out
  • Hock a Bigger Loogie Than The Jesus Lizard's David Yow: just kidding, it's actually physically impossible.
  • Stay-Up with Todd P.: Special Three-Day/ Three-Night Weekend Edition 
  • Black Mold Bonanza
  • How Many Weakling Boy Arms Does It Take to Crowd-Surf at Animal Collective?
  • Kid Millions vs. Drum Machine

Special Extra Credit Question

Match the following substances and the exact order they should be taken in with the appropriate band:

Vending machine coffee
Jameson's neat
Cocaine (line)
Allergy medicine
Oh! Henry candy bar
Bud Light (cold)
Emergen-C packet
Joint (fatty)
Irish coffee
Combos (pizza flavor)
Mushroom-laced chocolate
Chicken souvlaki sandwich
Cocaine (key bump)
4 Advil capsules
Bottle of red wine
This blue pill some kid gave you
Jameson's on the rocks
hot dog
Joint (kinda crooked)
$3 bottle of water
Bud Light (warm)

The Melvins
Jim Jarmusch Q & A
that girl playing the piano in the back lobby