Monday, January 26, 2009


You know it's been a sweet week when (finally) landing the cover story of the Voice doesn't even rank over at ye beta blog. Shit, at least it's better than that asinine Harkavy cover story last week with George W. Bush on the cover emblazoned with the headline: WE'LL MISS YOU. We'll miss you? What the fuck?

Anyhow, I finally wrote an essay for Pazz & Jop and --in the words of a snarky well-wisher-- was able to tap into my inner Xgau. I originally titled the piece "The Shockadelica Doctrine" but that was giving waaaay giving too much cred at their feeble attempt at Prince-dom. Did you hear that "Dancing Choose" b-side "Make Love All Night Long"? So not smoove. No wonder I saw Tunde on the G after their sold-out shows going home all by his lonesome.