Tuesday, April 08, 2008

heep see

Fuck Buttons
Dudes, sorry it took so long to get back to you. Here is that info you requested:

Please make checks payable to:
Bjorn Copeland
c/o Black Dice circa 2001
20 W. 13th St.

And for the Street Horrrshit artwork, make check payable to:
Rob Carmichael/ SEEN Studio
420 Powers St.

David Berman

Listening to Gene Clark the other day, lamenting how it has come to pass that Gram Parsons gets his two records reissued every three years, while all of Gene's are only available in Germany or Japan, it dawned on me that he's just too smart to ever fit into the country or country-rock paradigm. Same goes for Mickey Newbury. Too dense and profound in their words and lyrics, so that they sink rather than float. Country likes clever, but not illuminating.

And while I've never been a Silver Jews fan, listening to his newest, I feel similarly. Only, I really love Gene Clark and Mickey Newbury. That said, in person David Berman is a hoot. He tells a story about how needle-dropping Pavement would get strippers to stop dancing and cover themselves up (Slanted and Enchanted did teach me to detest my own body) and best of all, Berman enlightened me about a recent pastime of his.

Joanna Newsom

Part of this Paper Magazine arty for "Beautiful People" or some such. I stood next to Bjork and Matthew Barney. I wanted to ask if they had ever seen Luang Pu's sculpture park in Thailand, but I demurred. Joanna plays two songs on piano, the sound rife with feedback and beautiful people chattering. No magic.

Later, my Drag City friends and I balked at joining Joanna's table, as she was surrounded by Bjork and a few other beautiful people. It made me think about John Frankenheimer's movie Seconds, also about "beautiful people."

Interviews to be conducted

Thurston Moore
Alan Bishop
Arthur Russell movie director Matt Wolf
The Loft's David Mancuso
Ben Sisario of the Times
Elliott Sharp
Matthew Shipp
Tom Lee
What Made Milwaukee Famous
Chinese rock band Carsick Cars

A Place to Bury Strangers

Jules Dassin
Richard Widmark
Mikey Dread
Klaus Dinger