Friday, May 05, 2006

beta's book

Ten plus years in the making, I have finally finished writing, editing, printing, folding, awl-punching, hand-stitching the spines, and hand-painting the peculiar shape of Texas (flat-top haircut, panhandle, fat back, third coast, and boot toe) on the cover of each and everyone of these poem chapbooks I made documenting a decade's worth of writing. From high school notebooks to the weird lysergic commune scribbles of San Antonio, from writing poems while seated at my desk in the Social Security Administration office to the strip of La Rambla that runs down Barcelona, from the farms and chicken coops of Gillett to the skyways between there and New York City, it's all in here on the finest weave of paper and card you can run your fingers over. A one-time only run of thirty, twenty are already earmarked for family and old friends, but the remainder are up for grabs here. Ten will cover price plus shipping. Those who know know how to get at me, otherwise drop a line to: a n d y b e t a (AT) g m a i l.